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Why Family Restrooms?

After hours of searching the web to find accessible restrooms for one of the routes for a vacation that my wife and I were planning, I ended up with pages of scribbled notes. This was when I realized that what was needed was a comprehensive database of family restroom locations.

  • Single parents use them when they are out shopping with young children of the opposite sex and the children are too old to be taken into the restroom of the opposite gender. Often, these parents are uncomfortable with letting them use the restroom alone. Families with several young children also tend to use them to take care of everyone’s needs at the same time.

  • Disabled individuals in need of assistance use them while traveling or shopping with spouses, family members, friends or attendants of the opposite sex.

  • Overweight individuals prefer them due to the extra space and privacy that these facilities provide.

If for any reason you need a family restroom this site will be useful in planning shopping outings, family vacation destinations and routes to ensure that there will always be one nearby.

There are two main issues with family restrooms. The first is finding one and second, finding out how well it is actually set up to serve the people for which it is intended.

This site enables individuals to post the locations of these facilities, as well as to comment on the quality, setup and usefulness of a particular family restroom.

Whether you are travelling cross-country or going out shopping in your own city or town with your children and spouse, check this site first for accessible family restrooms.

If you come across a family restroom that is not listed please click on Add Restroom to add it to our database.

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